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Are you a Slave or a Warrior?

Are you a Slave or a Warrior?

We all Know what it says…

Most believers, new and old will tell you that God’s Word is full of great promises. They will even tell you they believe the promises and will, at the very least pay lip service to “standing and believing.”

So with all of this talk, why are so few of believers actually walking it out? Why are so many wandering through their everyday lives, as though shackled to the past? Why is there so much fear about the future?

This is because despite being liberated by God, many believers still see themselves as slaves.

The Enslaved Mind

In Exodus Chapter 16 God delivered his people out of slavery and into the wilderness so they can cross over into the promised land. Most of us know the story; the first thing they did was start complaining about how hungry they were and making plans to go back to Egypt. God rained bread from heaven and they were satisfied.

Fast forward to Numbers chapter 14 and we see the exact same thing. This time twelve spies have returned from the promised land and given a report to the people. It was everything God told them it would be, but it would not be gained without effort. Battle was in their future, so once again they complain against Moses and Aaron. Once again they long to return to Egypt. Once again, the newly freed people still saw themselves as slaves.

You see, a slave lives a hard life, but he is also free of uncertainty and need. The slave is provided a place to live and food to eat. He also doesn’t have to take responsibility for his place in the world. “It’s not my fault” is the mantra of a slave.

Forty years later, Joshua gathered the Israelites once again to take the land of promise. This time the results were completely different. The people rallied behind Joshua, knowing God was with him, and possessed the land God promised so long ago.

So what was the difference? Unlike their forefathers, this generation of men was not content to be taken care of while ambling through a meaningless life in the wilderness. This generation would not be slaves. This generation had the warrior’s mindset.

Unlike their forefathers, this generation of men was not content to be taken care of while ambling through a meaningless life in the wilderness.

So Which one are you?

Like so many things, we can tell what’s really going on in our minds based on what comes out of our mouths. I don’t mean at church when an usher asks how you are doing, or when the pastor has come to your house for dinner. I am talking about when you are at home with your spouse, on the job, or when the pressure is really on. Then what do you say?

The slave says, “I am stuck in this dead end job, and I can barely make ends meet.”

The Warrior says, “God has given me ideas and opportunities. I have the courage and discipline to recognize them and prosper.”

The slave says, “My marriage is falling apart, why should I even bother?”

The Warrior says, “I made a covenant in front of God and my family. I will fight for this marriage and be the husband/man God called me to be.”

The slave says, “How can I raise kids in this day and age, this is nothing like when I was a kid.”

The Warrior says, “My Children are a heritage from the Lord and my offspring a reward from him.”

Join the Battle

While our words are important, words alone won’t cut it. Eventually you need to enter the fray. Just like the children of Israel, the battle is the Lord’s, and so is the Victory, but we still have to engage in it. Sitting in the wilderness eating the bread of status quo does not lead to the promised land.

If you hate your job, watching reruns on Hulu will not lead you to financial independence, but that God given idea for a side hustle that you have been ignoring for 4 years is a step in the right direction. How about the online certification you have been putting off that could lead to promotion?

The same can be said for your relationship with your wife. That won’t get better while you are on your phone. Take the Mrs. out on that long overdue date. Talk about your dreams, goals and desires. Believe it or not, you don’t have to talk about the kids while you are on a date. You are both more than that.

God didn’t call us to wait for a miracle, He called us to possess the land.

This applies to every aspect of your life. You won’t improve your health without getting off the couch, you won’t develop your kids without spending quality time with them and you won’t build your faith without getting into God’s Word.

Join the battle. Enter the fray. Be a warrior.

God didn’t call us to wait for a miracle, He called us to possess the land. If you are a believer, you are no longer a slave. You are a liberated, full fledged citizen of Heaven, but you will never enter the promised land, if you are not willing to fight for it.

So what will it be? Bread in the desert, or possession of the promises?

Further Study

Don’t blindly follow me, or anyone else when it comes to the Word of God. Dig into it for yourself to make sure we are all rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Check out the scriptures below to study this subject for yourself. Don’t forget to comment and share this with others. You can also follow on Facebook or Instagram. I would love to hear from you there as well. Subscribe below to be notified when we post more content.

Numbers 14:24-33 Joshua 1:10-18



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